Eco-friendly cleaning

In the 21st century there has come into existence many ways in which an individual can help care for the environment; driving eco-friendly cars, recycling, being a vegetarian or vegan and composting your food scraps are some prime examples. Another way in which you can efficiently care for the environment is through the hiring of an environmental-friendly cleaning company. There are many cleaning companies in existence that use both environmental friendly products and techniques whilst cleaning their assigned locations. Three focal points that environmental cleaning companies tend to focus on are environmental protection, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

The cleaning products that companies use are one way in which they can prove their love of the environment. Environmental friendly companies tend to use cleaning products that will not be harmful to the environment, pollute the water supply and air, or cause allergies. They will instead opt for products that are natural and toxin free. DS Eco Cleaning Company is one such organisation that opts to use natural and environmental friendly cleaning products. There cleaning products have the following natural ingredients, White distilled vinegar, Lemon juice, Baking soda, Washing soda, and hand soap. White distilled vinegar is used for a variety of reasons by eco conscious cleaners. These include washing wooden floors (it removes dirt from wood), dissolves hard water scale, a natural window cleaner and natural mirror cleaner and as a cleaner for grubby surfaces. The next natural ingredient that is commonly used is Lemon juice, this acidic element will rigorously eradicate grease that accumulates on kitchen surfaces and areas adorned with copper. Baking soda is used to clean the sink, tub, oven and countertop area and it is also used to deodorise a pungent region of your home. Washing soda is akin to baking soda but a slightly stronger alternative, it effectively eradicates grease and grime. The last common ingredient that is used by cleaning companies is liquid soap which is used to clean bathroom surfaces.

The techniques that eco-friendly cleaning companies perform also give equal consideration to the environment. They tend to perform cleaning tasks in a way which does not waste unnecessary water, as water preservation is a major concern for the eco conscious company. The DS Eco Cleaning company performs their cleaning in an eco-savvy manner; this is evidenced with their carpet cleaning technique. Their Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning method uses the M-power carpet cleaner, a product that is void of toxins and detrimental environmental ingredients. Thus your carpet will be cleaned in a thorough but eco conscious manner. Some Cleaning companies go a step further and ensure that their cleaners will travel in an eco-friendly manner to their job destination such as a bicycle or electric/low fuel car.

By hiring an environmentally friendly cleaning company such as DS Eco cleaning you can get a clean house/office space whilst maintain a clean conscious and favourably contributing to your beautiful environment.