Vinyl floors are not only truly gorgeous, but they are also extremely durable. However, even the strongest sometimes give in to the test of time, especially if they are not properly taken care of.Make sure those beautiful-looking comfortable vinyl tiles last longer with these natural cleaning tips: 


1. Clean the floors gently. Because of their luster, vinyl tiles are very sensitive to hard-core cleaning. When you need to clean vinyl, use low-impact methods such as steam cleaners, which use only water to soften and lift off the dirt. If the stains are stubborn, you can add naturally formulated cleaning agents into the mixture. Do not worry about the residues since water evaporates fast. 


2. Remove the stain right away. As soon as you notice the dirt, immediately grab a mop or a rug and wipe it off with warm water. Take note that you should not use hot water, if you do not want to damage the texture or color of the vinyl. 


3. Follow the instructions in cleaning vinyl. When you purchase vinyl, the seller also provides you with directions on how to clean them. Heed to the instructions. For example, if the vinyl tiles are no wax, do not apply anything waxy or oil based on the floor. 


4. Get rid of dirt daily. To avoid applying heavy-duty cleaning on your vinyl, eliminate the dirt regularly. If you can, do it every day to prevent dust and grime from lingering and hardening on your floors. Besides, the longer you allow them to sit, the bigger is the chance for microbes to settle into your home. 


5. Come up with your own cleaner. There are cleaning formulas for vinyl flooring cleaning, but almost all of them contain chemicals that are too harmful for the body. Reduce your chances of developing serious diseases later on by making use of environment-friendly mixtures. For your vinyl tiles, you can combine 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar. You can also substitute vinegar with ammonia, though the latter gives off a much stronger smell. 


6. Never drag furniture across vinyl tiles. Do not make the mistake of dragging any kind of furniture across vinyl floors if you do not want to see dents and scuff marks. But just in case you learned too late, you can remove these marks by using white cloth dabbed with paint thinner. Do not forget to also remove the thinner, particularly if you have some pets around. 


Hire a Professional Domestic Cleaner 


Now you can try all the above-mentioned tips in taking care of vinyl tiles or leave the work to the experts. If you are living in the UK, especially in London, you are lucky. There are many domestic cleaners around, some of which already offer natural cleaning solutions and processes. 


Search for one that specializes vinyl flooring. As you can see, it requires a different way of maintenance than wood or linoleum. You can also ask for great tips on how to preserve your floor from these professionals.