Clean carpet

Carpets and rugs do react to cleaning agents too, especially if they are heavily composed of toxic chemicals. You can avoid that by opting for more natural ways in maintaining and restoring them.

 Avoid putting heavy furniture on top. 

Carpet piles are damaged in the long run because they cannot withstand the heaviness of the furniture. In fact, it is highly recommended you do not place anything atop, so you can truly marvel at the carpet’s or rug’s design. If you cannot help it, though, buy guards for your furniture legs. When you need to clean the carpets or rugs, lift the furniture before you move it. Never drag it across the piles. 

 Place mats on your doors. 

They may not prevent anyone from bringing in dirt inside the home, but they can definitely greatly reduce the accumulated dust. Mats also allow you to place your carpets in areas with moderate traffic. 

 Remove the unwanted stains right away. 

Pay attention to the carpets and rugs. Once you see any type of stain, do your best to remove it right away. You can do spot cleaning. This means you clean only the stained area. This way, you can preserve the rest of the carpet. You can also use some of your kitchen products to get rid of certain stains. For instance, ice cubes are excellent for removing candle wax and gum since they soften these, making it easier for you to lift them off. You can also count on the ever-dependable vinegar. 

 Neutralise the odour. 

Blame your cats and dogs. For some reason, they love to linger on the carpets and rugs—and pee on them. As if this is not enough, even heavy-duty cleaning does not remove the odour right away, but baking soda can. Using it is very easy. You simply need to sprinkle baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, let it sit for around 30 minutes, then vacuum . 

 Use steam cleaners. If you are apprehensive the traditional vacuum cleaner can destroy carpet piles or fabrics of rugs, then consider steam cleaning. As its name suggests, it is a cleaning process that involves steam. It gently softens and lifts off dirt. What’s more, you do not need to use any more soap; the steam is already enough. If you meet very stubborn stains, though, you can combine 1 part water with 2.5 parts water. 

 Get some help. 

One of the dangers of doing any one of the above is failure. They may not work, and with your lack of proper training and knowledge in carpeting, you may never know how to solve the problem. Worse, the damage may become irreparable. 

 To be completely safe, call help from professional green domestic cleaners. They are certified experts! Some of them have the proper certifications to prove their experience and expertise in the niche. Most of all, they know what they’re doing. They also possess appropriate insurance policies. Thus, if something happens to your carpet - hopefully, there isn’t - you’re assured you’ll obtain just compensation.