Eco cleaning products

Your house needs all your lovin’ too, but alas, you do not have the time. So who do you call? A domestic cleaner that works around your area. But there is a catch: you want your cleaner to be green. How do you find one? Here are tips:

Know the products and processes.  

One of the best ways to know if the company is truly environment friendly is determining the company’s products and processes. As for the products, so far, there is no standard manufacturing procedure for natural or organic products. However, it is common knowledge that at least 70 percent of the ingredients are natural and that the rest are not artificial agents, especially those that have already been banned or highly regulated. 

You also need to check their cleaning process. Do they still use harsh soaps along with the so-called natural cleaning products? How much water do they consume when they cleaned your house? How do they dispose the used water and cleaning formula? Even the kind of packaging should be observed. If they are all for sustainability, the domestic cleaners must be using degradable liners for the bin, for example. 

Go for those with great track record. 

It is a plus if you can afford domestic cleaners that have been in the industry for quite some time. You are confident they understand what they are doing. They already have the processes in place too so they tend to be more productive than their competitors, specifically the new ones. 

On the other hand, it helps if the company has obtained green certifications such as from Green Cleaning Institute. 

If you are looking for potential cleaners online, try to also research Internet user reviews and get good referrals from them. 

Determine the services they offer. 

There is no such thing as a standard cleaning procedure, knowing full well there is a wide variety of materials in your home: leather, synthetic fibre, natural fibre, vinyl, linoleum—name it. Each one of them requires a unique way of cleaning. So it is essential to ask what kinds of services the domestic cleaner is providing, including waste management. 

Try to hang around. 

Would you like to know how they do things? Why don’t you hang around for a bit or perhaps during the first few sessions? Professional domestic cleaners would not really mind the setup because they know some clients just need more persuasion. The only thing you should avoid is getting in the way of their cleaning. Doing this, moreover, also allows you to get great pointers on how to clean your house should you prefer to do it all by yourself. 

Learn as much as you can about green cleaning. 

When you are armed with the right knowledge, you are less susceptible to trickery. There are so many materials you can use to expand your learning. You can begin online where you can read articles, blogs, and product reviews. Do read books as well, join environment advocacy seminars and workshops, or talk to experts.