How to make your house an allergy friendly house

Spring, a time veiled with beauty and awe inspiring phenomenon. Flowers come into bloom, baby animals are in abundance, blue skies become a common norm, leaves start to adorn the once naked trees and the days began to get longer and warmer.  These amazing and beautiful events go unappreciated by a select group of people; allergy sufferers. Instead of beauty and revival being veiled over their spring months, frequent sneezing, watery and red eyes, and a stuffy nose are a more likely occurrence for those individuals who suffer from spring allergies. The outside environment during spring becomes an unruly battleground for the allergy sufferer in which the humble flower can start a boisterous sneezing fit. Thus they seek sanctuary in their humble abode, their cosy home where they can rest easy, red eyed and runny nose free.

However allergy sufferers may come under attack even in their so called sanctuary, with dust mites replacing pollen as the allergy sufferer’s worst culprit. Dust mites are micro-organisms that reside in an individual’s home, snacking on miniature debris such as human skin flakes. The actual dust mite itself does not cause the allergic reaction; it is in fact the faeces of the dust mite that is the incitement for a coughing/sneezing fit. A dust mite’s gut contains strong digestive enzymes (notably proteases) which prevail in their faeces, and when inhaled by an allergy sufferer will cause an incitement of their symptoms. Dust mites commonly accumulate in the plush, lavish carpet or you’re comfortable, sleep inducing bed.

Allergy sufferers may not be able to control their wider external environment (the outside world) but they do have full reign over their house. The most effective and long lasting action that can be undertaken is the hiring of a professional cleaning company who can thoroughly clean your carpets/furniture for you.  DS Eco Cleaning is one such company that can effectively eradicate the offending allergy causing organisms. They offer both carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services, which will confidently transform your house into it’s afore status of sanctuary. The DS Eco Cleaning company has two distinct methods of cleaning that dust mite haven carpet, either via Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning or Steam carpet cleaning.

The Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning method involves the application of M-power carpet cleaner, a solution that contains no harmful ingredients or toxins. Whereas the Steam Carpet Cleaning or hot water extraction is a cleaning process that penetrates the carpet and thoroughly suctions all offending particles as well as unsightly stains. Both methods of carpet cleaning are beneficial to allergy sufferers, the first due to the fact that it uses natural ingredients and will therefore not cause an allergic reaction and the second method due to the extensive nature of the treatment and it will be sure not to leave any debris behind.

Once your carpet is allergy friendly the next stage is to treat your furniture to a thorough cleaning. The DS Eco Cleaning company uses relevant tools and cleaning solutions on your furniture, getting into every crease and crevice leaving an allergy friendly piece of furniture.