Carpet cleaning

Most people either never think of getting their carpets professionally cleaned, or they believe that they do not need to. It is a common misconception that a weekly vacuuming session is enough to keep your carpets clean, healthy, and in good condition. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Carpets harbour all sorts of dirt, grime, dust, allergens and germs. Vacuuming only removes the top layer of loose dirt, but between cleans, all sorts of nasty stuff gets trodden deeper into your carpet pile and substrate. Over time, grime builds up – meaning that your carpets not only look old and out of condition, but also pose a threat to your health.

Professional carpet cleaning

It is incredible how little thought people give to cleaning their carpets. Many people who keep the rest of their house in spotless condition, make do with running a hoover over their carpets once a week. They only start to think about deep cleaning their carpet if something is spilled, causing an ugly stain. In this situation, around 80% of people turn to supermarket bought stain removing products, rather than professional carpet cleaners. They believe that this is a cheaper and equally effective method of removing stains, but we are here to bust this myth.

House cleaning

We all have busy lives in the modern world. It can be difficult to fit everything in, especially if we are trying to combine a career and family life. Many people feel like they need to do everything themselves. This is especially true of women, who feel compelled to live up to the ideal of some sort of wonder woman. Modern women take responsibility for everything: getting the kids up, making their husband’s lunch, doing the school run, a full day’s work, picking the kids up, making dinner, and keeping the house in order. This is not to mention fitting in the gym, shopping, seeing our friends and family, and running the kids anywhere they need to go.

Clean like a professional cleaner

The amount of cleaning a professional can get done in a short space of time may seem amazing. When we try to clean our own homes we often get bogged down in trivial tasks, such as sorting out the kitchen drawers or organising old magazines. Add to this the constant distractions of phone calls, visitors knocking at the door, or seeing to the needs of our family, and it’s hard to see how we manage to get anything done at all. A professional cleaner doesn’t suffer from any of these hindrances, which is why they can work so well. Here are our top tips to help you clean like a pro.

At this time of year, people everywhere get sick with nasty colds or the flu. When you are sick, you stay at home and your germs are spread around your house. Your home becomes a living laboratory for germs, bugs and viruses. When you are feeling better, it is important that one of the first things you do is thoroughly clean your home, getting rid of any nasty infectious waste, airing it out, and making sure everything is fresh and clean. Follow these simple steps to efficiently deal with the aftermath of illness.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – London

When moving out of a rented property, you will have hundreds of things to organise. You will need to pack your things into boxes, hire a removal company, let people know about your change of address, book a day off work to move, and much more. Chances are, you will not have time or energy to clean the house to a professional standard. However, ensuring that the property is properly cleaned is the responsibility of the tenant. The property must meet the standard of cleanliness expected by the landlord and lettings agent before your deposit will be returned to you.

As though grey skies over London, cold rain flooding the streets, short daylight hours, and freezing temperatures were not enough for anyone to deal with, the weather at this time of year can also make keeping your commercial premises clean and safe into a much larger challenge than usual. Fallen leaves can blow in from the street. Mud and rain water make the floors dirty and treacherous, as wet feet trudge them through the door. The office abounds with dripping coats and umbrellas, Tissues and packets of cold relief medicine litter the desks of your workers. The increased intake of hot beverages correlates with an increased rate of spillages and stains. Looking around, you think to yourself “things cannot get worse”, just as the clogged drainpipe overflows and mucky water floods the entrance way to the building.

Carpet Cleaning in London

More homes are taking advantage of carpets, but sadly only a few do of carpet cleaning in London. The reasons are perfectly understandable, though: 


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