How to get rid of holiday stains

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Another common occurrence in holidays is unwanted injuries, which often leave blood strained marks on your clothes. Blood stains can be tough to remove if you don’t know how. Keep a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy. You can easily find it in your local drugstore. Pour some 3-4 percent hydrogen peroxide on the stein and let it bubble up. Then simply wash it with cold water. Repeat the process until the mark is completely gone.

How to get rid of holiday stains

Holidays are fun, but some stains they leave can be troublesome.  You can take care of your holiday stains easily by following some simple steps. Let’s begin with the most common stain of all, which is of course food stain. Simply remove the food items first with a small brush. Then pour some boiling hot water from about a foot high, whilst keeping your cloth taunt. The pressure and heat of the boiling water will do the trick and remove the stain. If it’s a stubborn mark, you can mix some soap with the water and it will work like magic.

Windows cleaning

You should regularly clean your windows to maintain your home at its greatest shape. Window cleaning is a fairly simple procedure; however if you haven’t cleaned your windows for a while, grime may have settled in the grooves and these will need a bit more persuasion to come off. At first you will need to gather some window cleaner, a squeegee, some sponges and a razor blade scraper. You can find all these items in your local stores. Now let’s get started.


The allergy season is not as long away as you may think and if you normally suffer from environmental allergies, you know how annoying the symptoms can be. You can prepare well to prevent these from happening. One of the most common allergy aggravator is dust, which can also be the easiest to remove. Before the allergy season begins, dust all your furniture using a damp cloth. Provide particular care to the corners and grooves where dust may stick harder. You can use organic dust cleaners so that your surrounding environment stays chemical free.

Tenancy Cleaning Company

Whenever you move out of a rented property, it is likely that you will need to get it professionally cleaned. Most tenancy agreements state that the property must receive professional end of tenancy cleaning to make sure that it is ready for the next tenant to move in. This is always the responsibility of the tenant. Cleaning is even more important in commercial premises, such as offices, as the next company to use the office will need to be able to get to work straight away. They will want the office to be pristine, to give a professional image to their clients.

Regain the shininess of your old furniture

Wooden furniture has a natural beauty that is ageless. However dirt and grime can mask the polished effect of wood and make the furniture lose its shine. It is not difficult to get rid of the grime without compromising the original shine of the wood. All you have to do is pick up the proper cleaning equipment and follow the simple procedure. So let’s get started.

Metal cleaning

Cleaning metals at home is an important procedure, as we often have to clean our jewellery or kitchen equipments. The easiest way to clean metals is using readymade metal cleaners that you can easily obtain from any superstore. However if you are concerned about the chemicals used in these cleanser and want to save the environment from the hazards, you may wish to make your own metal cleaner. It is pretty easy to clean metals at home. You just have to choose the right products to clean the right metal.

How to clean walls

Imagine if we all had our dream homes with crystal clear floors and walls. But reality is harsh. Our walls get dirty whether we like it or not, and especially if you have a kid who merrily draws on the wall papers. It’s actually easier to clean your wall than to stop them from getting dirty. First you have to gather all the equipments for the procedure. You will need a wall mop and a cleaning frame, some simple detergent, two rinse buckets and clear water.


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