Drains cleaning

Isn’t it annoying when the drains of your sink or bathtub get clogged? Not only it causes major inconvenience, but also puts the hygiene of your home in danger. To avoid this condition, clean your drains at least once in a week. Cleaning drains can seem complicated if you don’t know the method. But believe me, it’s even easier than the usual cleaning activities we normally have to do. First you will need the proper equipment. Try to find a good liquid drain cleaner in your local stores. You will also need goggles, face mask and rubber gloves.

Office Cleaning - Carpet

Improving office environment does not only indicate painting the walls and burnishing the furniture. You need to invest more time to identify the major issues. Your office carpet reflects the environment in your office too. Imagine, after entering into an office you saw a shabby, old carpet on the floor.  How would you feel? This type of situation is neither pleasant for the visitors nor for the employees. I know it really costs a lot if you wish to change your carpet so frequently but what can you do? 

Asking rate for house is going higher

The housing market has seen a shocking rise in recent times. During February this year, the asking prices have reached the highest levels since 2008. Moreover, in Wales and North West of England, there have been monthly leaps of 5% in house prices. The market is rapidly gathering pace, as January has been recorded as the busiest ever month, regardless of the price jump of 1.1% from last year. The market recovery can be credited to the recent Government schemes that give people a decent chance to manage their mortgage lending.

Green cleaning

If you’re still undecided whether to hire green domestic cleaners for your home or office, the following may officially seal the deal:

Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

How much have you spent on your carpets and rugs? Several hundred pounds, depending on the design and where they came from. So it definitely makes perfect sense to properly care for them, making sure they last for several years.

Orange Peel

Have you ever thought of a Cleaner that you can make in your house and wont harm to your environment? Here’s the recipe to make an eco friendly cleaner that you can use in your household cleaning works without worrying about harmful chemicals and bad smell.

Eco friendly Cleaning

The words “eco friendly,” “natural,” as well as “organic” are used quite a lot lately. In fact, they are already adopted by domestic cleaners in the UK. Yet not everyone has a very clear idea about it. How do you know it is really eco friendly cleaning?

Eco cleaning products

Your house needs all your lovin’ too, but alas, you do not have the time. So who do you call? A domestic cleaner that works around your area. But there is a catch: you want your cleaner to be green. How do you find one? Here are tips:


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