Clean carpet

Carpets and rugs do react to cleaning agents too, especially if they are heavily composed of toxic chemicals. You can avoid that by opting for more natural ways in maintaining and restoring them.

Besides you and your loved ones, dust and dirt take up most of your home space—and that is extremely bad. Too much of them can put you and your children at risk of developing illnesses, such as respiratory disorders (think of asthma). Yet choosing conventional toxic-filled cleaners don’t do anything good either. 

A lot of people make plenty of excuses not to choose green domestic cleaners: they’re expensive, they’re no different from the other cleaners, natural cleaning products don’t work.

Green cleaning products

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for cleaning products that only poison the waters. You can go for the more natural methods and processes, which are far cheaper, more effective, and definitely way safer.

How to make your house an allergy friendly house

Spring, a time veiled with beauty and awe inspiring phenomenon. Flowers come into bloom, baby animals are in abundance, blue skies become a common norm, leaves start to adorn the once naked trees and the days began to get longer and warmer.  These amazing and beautiful events go unappreciated by a select group of people; allergy sufferers. Instead of beauty and revival being veiled over their spring months, frequent sneezing, watery and red eyes, and a stuffy nose are a more likely occurrence for those individuals who suffer from spring allergies. The outside environment during spring becomes an unruly battleground for the allergy sufferer in which the humble flower can start a boisterous sneezing fit. Thus they seek sanctuary in their humble abode, their cosy home where they can rest easy, red eyed and runny nose free.

Ionized water

Water that abundant and life giving resource is now being utilized by individuals as a legitimate cleaning product. The form of water that is being pigeonholed as a cleaning product is ionized water. Water becomes ionized when it has been subjected to a process termed ionization, where the water undergoes electrolysis, contact with a direct electrical current. This effectively segregates the acid and alkaline content found in H2O.

Eco-friendly cleaning

In the 21st century there has come into existence many ways in which an individual can help care for the environment; driving eco-friendly cars, recycling, being a vegetarian or vegan and composting your food scraps are some prime examples. Another way in which you can efficiently care for the environment is through the hiring of an environmental-friendly cleaning company. There are many cleaning companies in existence that use both environmental friendly products and techniques whilst cleaning their assigned locations. Three focal points that environmental cleaning companies tend to focus on are environmental protection, energy efficiency and waste reduction.


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