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At this present moment certain areas of the United Kingdom are experiencing the phenomena known as a hosepipe ban. A hosepipe ban is a specific time duration where water usage is restricted to a certain degree. This usually occurs when there is warmer weather thus water preservation is important.  Seven water companies in the UK have implemented this hosepipe ban as of April 5th 2012.

In addition, if you are an individual who likes to use excessive amounts of water and is also a little unruly, then the £1000 fine for those who don’t obey the hosepipe ban will more than likely deter you from infringing upon the water rules.

When your region goes through a hosepipe ban there are certain water activities that individuals are prohibited from carrying out. These include watering a garden with a hosepipe, using a hosepipe for home leisure activities (water fights), non-commercial cleaning of domestic windows, walls, paths or patios with a hosepipe, watering domestic plants with a hosepipe, washing private cars or boats with a hosepipe, filling or maintaining an ornamental pond, fountain, swimming pools and paddling pools, and watering grass used for sport and recreation. These prohibitions on water usage will be in place until the hosepipe is uplifted.

Now let’s paint a scenario, you are in the midst of this restrictive hosepipe ban and you begin to notice that your carpet has seen better days. It has unsightly stains, dust and debris is in abundance and it has a pungent aroma that is quite palpable when entering the room.  But what’s an individual meant to do when water usage has become extremely restricted thus making it a difficult task to thoroughly clean your grimy carpet.

A solution manifests in the form of hiring a cleaning company that specializes in Eco –friendly Low moisture carpet cleaning system methods.  Steam Carpet Cleaning, a method offered by DS Eco cleaning company, is a carpet cleaning method that is extremely efficient and hosepipe ban friendly. Steam Carpet cleaning or hot water extraction involves the injection of solution into the carpet which is subsequently suctioned out with a machine, along with all the offending dirt and debris that was lurking in the carpet.  Another Eco –friendly Low moisture carpet cleaning method is the application of a dry compound. A professional cleaner will apply a thorough layer of the dry biodegradable compound onto your carpet, which is then scrubbed in with a brush. The dirt and grime will attach itself to this compound, and the cleaner will vacuum the compound and dirt up simultaneously. This method of cleaning your carpet will effectively trap soil, allergens and other indoor air pollutants without any need for water use.

Professional cleaning companies should have a range of Eco –friendly Low moisture carpet cleaning system methods in existence so be sure to inquire about this when you contact them. If you would prefer to carry out your own low water carpet cleaning, then there are a wide range of carpet steamers which you can hire to sate this desire. As a consequence even through this time of water restriction your carpet can be tremendously clean and with a tangible sweet odour.


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