4 Hidden Benefits of Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

Carpets in our homes often tend to get neglected when it comes to thorough cleaning. Dirt and grime builds up as we walk on them, but with regular hovering the effect is so gradual that it can be difficult to notice. The colour of your carpet becomes duller and the fibres lose their bounce a little more each day. However, it is hard to realise the extent of this transformation, as the changes happen only a little at a time. It is just like weight change, the appearance of wrinkles and hair growth (or loss). As we look at ourselves each day, we do not notice the extent of the transformation taking place in our bodies until we compare our appearance to an old photo. If we meet up with an old friend after a long while apart though, any changes to their appearance are instantly apparent. Just so, if your old friend was to visit your home several months after your housewarming – they would likely notice the difference in your carpets. Steam cleaning is the answer – but it does so much more than just keep your carpets looking like new. Below we will look at the four major benefits of regular professional steam cleaning.


The elixir of youth

Just as taking proper care of our skin helps to keep us looking younger for longer, steam cleaning a carpet prolongs its life. Taking care of your skin means deep cleansing to get rid of any build-up of dirt and grime, and moisturising to condition. Steam cleaning essentially does the same thing for your carpet, and the results are just as beneficial. With regular steam cleaning your carpet will retain vibrancy of colour and a plush luxurious texture. Your carpet can be kept looking as good as new for years – at a fraction of the cost of having your home re-carpeted throughout.

A breath of fresh air

Over time your carpet will collect a plethora of dust and dirt particles that get trapped in the fibres. Many of these particles are allergens, which can severely affect your respiratory system. Regular vacuuming can help to remove the worst of the build-up, but it will never completely remove all the trapped dirt and dust. Due to the blowing of air, many vacuum cleaners actually throw smaller particles up into the air for you to breathe. Steam cleaning is much more thorough than vacuuming. Because it dampens the carpet, dust particles are removed and not freed to float anywhere near your nasal passages.

Lotions and potions

Go and count the cleaning products in the cupboard under your sink. I’m willing to bet you have at least one specialist carpet cleaning or stain removal agent. These products are expensive. Worse, they contain strong chemicals that are dangerous to your health and the environment. These strong chemicals often also mean that while they remove the stain, they also bleach or discolour your carpet underneath. All in all, they are a waste of money and a potential danger to you and your family. Steam cleaning by professionals is much more effective than most commercial carpet cleaning products, and most professional cleaning companies use chemicals they know to be safe with proper training and care.

Positivity abounds

A professionally steam cleaned carpet looks fab. It smells fab. It freshens up the whole room. Walking into a home with fresh steam-cleaned carpets is nothing short of uplifting. Your home is sure to make a good impression on any visitors, and you will probably find that the spirits of your family are raised after a thorough steam-cleaning has occurred. If you are considering selling your home, steam cleaning represents an extremely effective way to increase the property’s appeal.


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