Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

How much have you spent on your carpets and rugs? Several hundred pounds, depending on the design and where they came from. So it definitely makes perfect sense to properly care for them, making sure they last for several years.

But Here Is the Problem 

Normally, when you want to clean the carpet all by yourself—which is difficult, by the way—you rely on the commercial cleaning products in the market. Follow the instructions, and you are basically done in a matter of few hours.  

Yet there is a growing issue: the product you just used could be filled with so many toxic chemicals they damage not only your carpet in the long run but also your own health. A number of these cleaning agents contain perc or perchloroethylene. This is so harmful it is now a highly controlled substance. Then there is naphthalene, which is now considered a carcinogenic. Simply put, overexposure to it can lead to cancer and damage to your red blood cells.  

And even if you put all these serious health threats aside, the chemicals can still cause body dysfunction. Many users report headache, dizziness, and nausea, among others, after use. Those who have not touched the product, such as your children and pets, can also feel similar effects.  

So How Do You Clean Them? 

With all these potential issues hounding toxic carpet cleaning, there’s only one best option left. You have to go green.  

One of the easiest is to do spot cleaning. This means you clean only the affected area of the carpet. With this, you can simply look into your kitchen. For example, if the carpet stain is grease, you spill a bit of cornmeal or cornstarch. Club soda doesn’t just quench your thirst, but it also wipes away coffee stains.  

Nevertheless, spot cleaning becomes very effective when the stain or dirt is dry. Otherwise, it has settled very deep into the fibres of your carpet, and you cannot easily lift it up.  

If this happens, you can call on green domestic cleaners. Most of them use steam cleaning machines to soften and lift the dirt. They’re very similar to regular vacuum cleaners. The only difference is they don’t suck dirt immediately. Instead, they give off steam, whose heat softens the hard stains.  

Steam cleaners typically make use of just clean water. If there’s a need for another formula, it is only mild and made from basic ingredients. Further, though steam leaves residues, they evaporate quickly since they’re just water.  

Domestic cleaners are available at your most convenient time, and many already service several areas in the United Kingdom, especially in London. Some also sell their own formulations, should you wish to handle everyday cleaning all by yourself.  

But Check Your Carpets Too 

If you’re worried about gas emissions, then you also have to mind your carpet. Some of them may contain synthetic fibres, which emit VOCs. Though authentic fibres are some of the most expensive in the world, they’re durable and truly environment friendly.


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