Drains cleaning

Isn’t it annoying when the drains of your sink or bathtub get clogged? Not only it causes major inconvenience, but also puts the hygiene of your home in danger. To avoid this condition, clean your drains at least once in a week. Cleaning drains can seem complicated if you don’t know the method. But believe me, it’s even easier than the usual cleaning activities we normally have to do. First you will need the proper equipment. Try to find a good liquid drain cleaner in your local stores. You will also need goggles, face mask and rubber gloves.

Before doing anything to clean the drains, remember to wear all the safety equipments mentioned. Drain cleaners use strong alkaline materials that can burn your skin severely. If there is any contact with your skin, wash with clean water thoroughly and consider seeing a doctor if the stinging doesn’t subside within few minutes, as these burns can get worse over time.


So now we are ready to get some action done. Carefully pour the liquid cleaner into the drain, wait for thirty minutes and then simply flush with some cold water. You should have no problem with your drain if you keep up the cleaning routine. However, if your drain does get clogged, pour 2 tablespoons of beaded drain cleaner into the drain and a cup of cold water. You should be able to find the beaded cleaners in a local shop. If the drain is still clogged, repeat the process. Do not use any other chemical as these mixtures can become toxic if not done carefully. Consider taking professional help if the drain is too stubborn to get unclogged.


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