How to get rid of holiday stains

Holidays are fun, but some stains they leave can be troublesome.  You can take care of your holiday stains easily by following some simple steps. Let’s begin with the most common stain of all, which is of course food stain. Simply remove the food items first with a small brush. Then pour some boiling hot water from about a foot high, whilst keeping your cloth taunt. The pressure and heat of the boiling water will do the trick and remove the stain. If it’s a stubborn mark, you can mix some soap with the water and it will work like magic.

Some foods are not as easy going though. Foods that contain mustard can present a challenge while you try to remove it. However you can defeat it with just a few drops of glycerin. Warm up the glycerin first by immersing the bottle in a bowl of hot water. Then add a few drops on the stain and rub with your fingers. Wash the fabric with normal detergent afterwards and repeat the process if necessary.

Food items often create troublesome situation spilling over the carpet. At that case, you can barely remove the spot using ordinary hand brush or vacuum. We know, carpets require special care as you always require them to look like new. For your regular and after holiday carpet cleaning you can always hire an expert team. We are assuring you the best quote with a moneyback guarantee. We have a vast experience and home and commercial cleaning. To get our expert touch in your cleaning today, Contatc Us.


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