Carpet cleaning

Most people either never think of getting their carpets professionally cleaned, or they believe that they do not need to. It is a common misconception that a weekly vacuuming session is enough to keep your carpets clean, healthy, and in good condition. Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Carpets harbour all sorts of dirt, grime, dust, allergens and germs. Vacuuming only removes the top layer of loose dirt, but between cleans, all sorts of nasty stuff gets trodden deeper into your carpet pile and substrate. Over time, grime builds up – meaning that your carpets not only look old and out of condition, but also pose a threat to your health.

To avoid this, you should take advantage of the deep cleaning performed by professional cleaning companies, on a regular basis. Here are 5 simple ways to tell if your carpet needs a professional clean.  

1. You have not had your carpets cleaned for 12 months or longer

The amount of dust, dirt, and grime that gets trodden into a carpet over the course of a year would shock you. It is recommended that you get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, to keep them in good condition and avoid health problems. If your carpets have never been professionally cleaned, or it has been more than a year since you last had them done – you should book to have them cleaned as soon as possible.

2. Shake a rug

It is often difficult to tell just how dirty carpets or rugs are simply by looking at them. Much of the dirt sinks deep down and is made up of small particles, such as allergens, that are not easily visible to the human eye. If you lift up a rug and shake it, or give it a hard slap on the back – any dust and dirt will be expelled. If a cloud of dirt appears, it is time to book professional cleaning. Chances are your carpets are harbouring even more grime than your rug.

3. Tough stains

If spillages have led to tough stains that cannot be removed by blotting with cool water, it is best to call in the professionals. Supermarket stain removal products contain concentrated bleaches that can be hazardous to health and damage carpet pile. They can even leave behind worse stains than they remove, if not used correctly. Professional cleaners will remove the stains more efficiently and usually use more natural, less harmful products.

4. Your carpets get dirty quickly

Many people think that professionally cleaned carpets will get dirty quicker than carpets that have not been professionally cleaned, because after cleaning they look so new. The opposite is true. Professionally cleaned carpets stay clean for longer, as less dirt and grime has built up in the pile. If you find that your carpets always seem to look grubby or get dirty soon after vacuuming – a professional clean will help.

5. You have a busy home

If there are many people coming in and out of your home on a daily basis – children, friends, family, and pets – every pair of feet will take its toll on your carpets. The busier your home – the more often you need to get your carpets professionally cleaned. 


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