Make Sure your Office Space Reflects a Polished Company Image

We all judge by first impressions; that’s just natural. Even if our immediate attention is focussed on tasks or introductions, we subconsciously form an impression of an office environment the moment we walk into it based on cleanliness and upkeep. The smallest thing – a bad smell or smear of something undefinable on a surface – can trigger a bad impression. If a tiled floor gleams in the light streaming in through clear glass windows, and all the walls and surfaces are unmarked, uncluttered and free of dust, we can have confidence that we are walking into a polished professional environment. This will have an immediate positive effect on anyone who enters, whether they are important new clients visiting for the first time or staff who work at your office every day. Hiring a good commercial cleaning service is central to ensuring that your company maintains a polished and professional image in the eyes of both your clients and your workforce.


You should never underestimate the power of cleanliness in the workplace. It has been shown in studies that productivity amongst workers is far higher in a clean and well organised environment. Dirt, grime, bad smells, and poorly maintained equipment all detract from colleagues’ ability to concentrate and depletes their motivation and morale. An office that is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness has that effect of raising expectations. This is true in the case of your own workforce (meaning that they will feel that higher standards are expected of them) and in the case of clients (how will expect you to do a good job based on the impression they receive).

The impression that is made on clients and employees often goes beyond cleanliness. Your company’s reputation can be improved if it is clear that you not only maintain high standards in terms of the upkeep and maintenance of your office space, but that you also care for employees’ health and the environment. This comes down to green, eco-friendly cleaning.

A cleaning firm’s green credentials are not always taken into consideration by a company leader when they are looking to hire commercial cleaners for the office. However, this is something that can make a big difference in many positive ways. Firstly, the very fact that the company cares enough to stipulate that eco-friendly cleaning products and methods are used is a big plus point to many potential customers. A company’s ethics can play as bigger part in consumer choice in the modern era as price or quality of the products or services on offer. Further to this, many people often underestimate just how hazardous chemical cleaning products can be, particularly if used in an office that is not well ventilated with fresh air form outside. Using green cleaning products eliminates any negative effects that chemical cleaners can have on the health of the workforce. This in turn can lead to fewer sick days being taken and higher levels of energy and morale among staff.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service that offers ethical green cleaning is a great way to improve your company’s reputation and ensure a good impression is made on all who enter your office.  


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