The Benefits of Buffing

When it comes to cleaning, it is easy to neglect floor space. This is particularly true in modern corporate office buildings that have large expanses of tiled or marble flooring. Because this kind of flooring does not suffer the same build-up of grime and dirt as carpet, many companies are happy to ask their janitors or hired cleaning firms to clean the floors on an ad hoc basis. Dirty marks, such as mud from shoes, show up against typically pale tiled or marble flooring. These are mopped up as they appear, effectively cleaning only small portions of the flooring at any time. In large offices and retail spaces, there is a vast amount of floor space for cleaners to cover. It is rare that the entire floor gets properly cleaned. Even if the floor is swept and mopped regularly and cleaned all over once or twice a week, it may be at risk from surface cracks, staining, or dirt and moisture damage. The only real way to ensure your floors are kept in top condition is to hire a cleaning firm that use a floor cleaning or buffing machine. We’ll look at some of the advantages you stand to gain below.


Some people question the need to improve the appearance of your floor and argue that this is a waste of time and money. After all, the floor gets walked over – nothing more. Who actually spends time looking at the floor and noticing small marks, stains, chips, cracks or scuffs. Overtly, no one does. However, the state of your floors can have a large impact on the impression your company gives on a subconscious level. As people enter your office or store, their subconscious mind will take note of badly kept flooring, dirt, grime and dust. They might not know why, but it is likely that this will cause them to feel a lack of confidence in your company and the service you offer. This is true of any unclean surface. Cleaning with a buffing machine will help to keep your floors looking their best by preventing the build-up of dirt and grime and prolonging the life of your flooring. Entering a building that is sparkling clean from top to bottom will have an unbelievable effect on your clients’ willingness to do business with you and the impression they leave with.

Impressions aside, let’s talk about the time and money issue. Obviously your floor needs to be cleaned somehow on a fairly regular basis. While purchasing a buffer for your cleaning team to use or hiring a professional cleaning surface to buff your floors can seem like an extravagant and unnecessary expense, in the long run it could save you a good deal. As mentioned above, more business and better contracts can be earned simply through putting forth a spotless image. On top of this, buffed flooring is likely to last in good condition for considerably longer than flooring cleaned by sweeping and mopping. This means that replacement or repair is required much less often.

Lastly, mopping and sweeping is time consuming and needs to be done at least once a day. It will take a team of cleaners a good amount of time to clean all the floor space in a large commercial building in this way. You will be paying the wages for these cleaners, so the more time and man-power used, the more you lose on a weekly basis. Using a buffer, floors can be thoroughly cleaned in half the time of mopping, and dirt, dust and grime are kept away longer. You will not only save money by reducing the amount of time taken to clean the floor, but in how often it needs to be cleaned as well.

All in all, floor buffing looks to be a good investment.


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