Domestic cleaners

Ready to hire a domestic cleaning company? Use this as a guide:

1. Make sure they offer appropriate insurance policy. 

It’s very important for a domestic cleaning company to offer at least two types of insurance policy. One should cover the health and protection of the employee (or the cleaner). The other is general liability insurance, which is for your protection. Though cleaners are trained to treat all your possessions with great care, many unfortunate things can still happen. The coverage sees to it you will be properly compensated.

2. Know what organisations they belong to. 

 Though it’s not compulsory for a cleaning firm to be part of any trade organisation, you’ll definitely feel more at ease to deal with one that belongs to the British Institute of Cleaning Science. This group assures that all members live up to industry standards and that they constantly improve their services through continuing education. 

3. Determine if they offer other services. 

Normally domestic cleaners primarily take care of getting rid of dust and dirt and maintaining your flooring, rugs and carpets, as well as upholstery and drapery. However, the great ones are willing to provide more, encompassing other types of housework such as laundry, dry-cleaning, and ironing. 

4. See to it there’s a money-back guarantee. 

Admit it, there are times when you simply don’t love the work. Your expectations are not met. That’s why it’s best if you can look for a domestic cleaner that can give you a money-back guarantee. 

Take note, however, that the business is going to protect itself too. You may be asked to sign a contract stating the terms and conditions, as well as the stipulations in claiming your returns. Do go through this process (a contract can also shield you from legal troubles too) but read the terms and conditions properly.

 5. Go local. 

There are several advantages in choosing local domestic cleaners. They are very easy to reach, you can easily get feedback from friends and neighbours, and ensure regular cleaning services. They prove to be cheaper too since they spend less in transport. But as an assurance, pick ads that publish your telephone numbers with your local area code. 

6. Hire those that offer natural solutions. 

Some domestic cleaners already specialise in environmental cleaning, and this works to your advantage. These are people who rely on natural or organic cleaning solutions in keeping your home spick and span. In the process, you improve indoor air quality, reduce the strong after-scent often left by conventional cleaning agents, and minimise your exposure to toxic chemicals. Being green should also be extended to their processes. 

But how do you know it’s an environment-friendly company? Companies are not compelled to get certifications for this, but, of course, it pays to have one, like the one from Greenmark. 

7. Know your own needs. 

Do you need an everyday or weekly cleaner? What types of services do you want? How much are you willing to pay? All these questions can also help you find a company that matches your needs. 


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