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Going green is currently so in style these days that even professional cleaning services are employing environment-friendly ways to clean houses. However, eco cleaning is not merely a trend - it’s a good way of ensuring that cleaning a home doesn’t mean damaging nature. And while there are green cleaning method that can’t fully give a house the proper scrubbing it deserves, there are Eco cleaning in London ways that are both green and effective.


Eco house cleaning London - Know How!

Green products. Is your house cleaning company using “green” cleaning products? While green products usually means alternative and natural items, this can also mean products that are merely not harmful to the environment or do not produce additional waste that can harm nature. As a rule: any product that can easily harm those who are using them cannot be used for eco cleaning in London. Also, buy products that use minimal materials for packaging since these count as waste too.


Clean often. More dirt means more effort needed to remove it, so more effort means more resources—water, cleaning agents, among others—will be used. Frequent cleaning is a good way of eco cleaning in London because it’s not the frequency that determines waste but the goods used in order to clean. A small residence (may it be an apartment or a house) occupied by one person should be cleaned thoroughly once a week. This way, the energy and the resources used to clean the house will be used properly and more efficiently. The idea in green cleaning is to use less. By cleaning often, you use fewer materials that might produce waste. 


Proper disposal. It goes without saying that eco or green cleaning should entail proper disposal of waste. You should segregate your garbage and make sure whatever you’re throwing is safe to put in the trash can. Be mindful of what goes down your drain as well as you could be flushing harmful waste.


Red flags. Avoid items that contain phosphates when buying items that will be used for Eco house cleaning London. Phosphate is common in laundry and dish soaps, among others, and can harm marine life due to its toxic metal content. Make sure the items you are buying are approved by the concerned regulatory board to ensure it is “green.” Also check labels and do not be satisfied with that is familiar and cheap.


No excesses. Avoid using inorganic materials if you can go natural. Instead of using home air fresheners, use plants instead. Besides being more pleasant-looking, air fresheners contain harmful chemicals that can alter one’s hormones. Baking soda and vinegar are also known odor-killers.


Know what to use. Besides baking soda and vinegar, common household items such as lemons, rubbing alcohol, and a combination of baking soda and vinegar can be used for basic house cleaning london purposes.


Eco House cleaning London is a good way of taking care of the environment while being taking care of your household. While professional cleaning services may be needed for more thorough and serious cleaning, green cleaning is a good alternative for those looking to clean easy the Eco-friendly way.


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