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What You Can Expect from Floor Cleaning in London

Changing floors is very expensive these days. For instance, laminates can cost up to £20. Be ready to spend more if you’re changing wooden planks. Don’t forget too that you need to pay for the services of floor installation experts unless you want do it by yourself, which in this case means plenty of man hours and less time for doing the things that you really want.

Guaranteed, there will come a time when you have to change your flooring, especially for upkeep. But you can surely lengthen its life span by opting for a floor cleaning in London.

London floor and s are incredibly abundant these days, and they have their own methods of taking care of your floors. Nevertheless, they follow certain principles or guidelines such as the following:

Use the right cleaner. Cleaning floors isn’t as simple as using warm water and detergent. Do that to wood or cork, and you could damage it irreparably. There are a wide variety of cleaning solutions simply because different floors demand different kinds of cleaning materials. You can try to experiment or second-guess, but if you want to avoid risks such as damaging your expensive floor by picking the wrong cleaner, leave the job to the floor cleaning experts.

Inspect the floors. There are several kinds of wood, laminate, marble, and concrete floors that even the littlest differences can already be huge as far as cleaning them is concerned. So even if you tell them you have oak all over your home, they would still insist on conducting an on-site assessment. This way they can verify that it’s indeed oak, determine existing and potential flooring problems, and then plan the best courses of action. Don’t worry, initial consultation is provided for free and there are no strings attached.

Provide you with a quote. It’s common among companies offering floor cleaning in London to charge at fixed prices. But most of them are now opting for a quote or an estimate based on a number of factors, such as the kind of flooring, the cleaning services required, the tools needed, the amount of time to complete the job, etc. So don’t be surprised if some turn out to be more expensive than the others. Rather, focus more on the value of their service. There’s no use spending less on a mediocre job.

Protect themselves with liability insurance. When you’re looking for a London floor cleaning company, always make sure that it has liability insurance. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen when they’re cleaning. Even the top specialists make grievous mistakes sometimes. The insurance coverage ensures you get something to replace or repair what has been damaged.

Do it quick. Cleaning specialists normally take a few hours to clean an entire home or office unless the problem is so severe that they may require one full day. One, they don’t do the job alone but instead with a team. Second, they have revolutionary techniques and professional tools at their disposal. Third, there’s already a plan—all they need is to execute it. Fourth, they want you to reclaim your home as soon as possible.


Wood and Stone

Part of our commitment to our clients is having a sufficient depth of knowledge to be able to know what to use for every cleaning task. This applies specifically to more unusual surfaces, including hardwood timber or stone and porcelain tiled flooring.

In the years we have been cleaning, we have had many discussions with other professionals, as well as product manufacturers, to ensure we fully understand the most effective and efficient way to clean the floor.

Often we have discovered that stone floors haven’t been sealed, or wooden floors haven’t been waxed properly, and the difference a knowledgeable professional can make will leave you amazed and wondering how you put up with the original state of your floor for so long.

Of course stone and timber are not only found on floors – they are used for fireplaces, kitchen worksurfaces, and of course doors, frames skirting boards and staircases. You would be surprised the difference we can make to a living room simply by giving the fireplace professional clean.

Of course there is a difference between pine and oak, waxed and varnished wood, travertine and limestone, ceramic and porcelain tiling – at DS Eco Services we know the difference and can ensure that when it comes to cleaning, the right products and methods are used.

If you’re unsure of anything, just get in touch with us and let us know what you would like some help with. We will always be glad to pay you a visit and reassure you that we can achieve exactly what you want.


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